[DRMAA-WG] Meeting Minutes - Conference call - May 18th - 19:00 UTC

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Fri May 20 03:50:39 CDT 2011

Participants: Roger, Daniel G. , Andre (SAGA), Mariusz

> 2. Review of advance reservation research work by Mariusz
> (http://bit.ly/kLwNe7)

- MOAB not part of the analysis, but only commercial version of MAUI
- Daniel G. approved analysis result for SGE
- Available and understood: reservationName, startTime, endTime, minSlots, maxSlots
- machineOS, machineArch: Supported in all systems, but still demand from group to make it optional 
- INFINITY in endTime not broadly covered, to be removed
- candidateHosts broadly supported
	- half of the systems does not support automated choice of a subset of the given machine list 
	- only all-or-nothing semantic can be promised
	- subset semantic to be added as MAY feature of an implementation
- minPhysMemory
	- Difference between demand for according node, and true reservation of given memory amount
	- Implementation detail from DRMAA perspective
- ReservationInfo attributes are fine, reservationOwner not broadly supported -> remove
- SLURM and LoadLeveler support only node, not slot reservation -> proposal to report 'reservation granularity' as capability

> 3. Discussion of usersACL proposal by Mariusz

- Defines list of users that are allowed to use the AR
- SAGA has notion of permissions and user ID's, can live with / without it
- Andre: Another typical use case for AR is co-scheduling
- Problem how to transport AR ID from creator application to consumer application 
(mismatch with DRMAA session concept)
- In out-of-the-box installation, standard users cannot create AR's
- Hot discussion without agreement, deferred to public poll on the mailing list

> 4. Discussion of NOW constant proposal

- According to Mariusz investigation, only partial support for NOW in startTime -> to be optional
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