[DRMAA-WG] Meeting minutes - Conference call - May 11th - 19:00 UTC

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed May 11 16:03:57 CDT 2011

Participants: Daniel, Andre (SAGA), Peter, Mariusz (partially), Roger 

> 1. Meeting secretary for this meeting?


> 2. Review of advance reservation research work by Mariusz
> (http://bit.ly/kLwNe7)
> 3. Discussion of usersACL proposal by Mariusz
> 4. Discussion of NOW constant proposal

Dropped due to problems with the connection to Mariusz.

> 5. Other issues in DRMAAv2 Draft 4 (see attachment)

Line 101 - Use term "process" for instances of the executable in a 
parallel job

Page 14 - no use case for "comment" attribute from SAGA perspective, no 
support in Grid Engine

Line 381 - Caching behavior for job information completely unspecified, 
could be non-existent for distributed DRM systems; reformulate to make 
no promises on JobInfo availability in terminal states

Line 729 - Discussion to either remove maxSlots or make it optional; 
expected use cases are billing limitations and parallel job scalability 
considerations - serious enough to make it an optional attribute; if not 
supported, maxSlots should be assumed to be equal to minSlots.

Line 769 - VIRTUAL_MEMORY violation should lead to job FAILURE state.

Page 26 - Discussion about accumulated resource limits in case of 
parallel jobs (e.g. CPU_TIME); semantics are completely 
implementation-specific, state like this

- Proposal for DRMAA F2F meeting in Potsdam, Peter sets up Doodle poll

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