[DRMAA-WG] Meeting Minutes - Conference call - May 4th - 19:00 UTC

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed May 4 16:43:48 CDT 2011

Participants: Daniel G., Roger, Mariusz, Peter

- Peter plans to perform "last call" and document submission during June 
- Would lead to running public comment period during OGF32
- Daniel, Mariusz, and Roger will not be there, Peter tries to

> 2. Discussion of open points from Nadav Brandes (see last mails)

- Limit amount of bulk jobs active at the same time
	- Supported in Grid Engine, Torque, and LSF
	- not feasible as optional job template parameter, since it would not 
make any sense for non-bulk jobs
	- Agreement to apply proposed extension of runBulkJobs() signature
	- Acts as MAY hint for the DRM system, no promise for consideration
- Add rerun() method for single jobs
	- FAILED must keep it's current terminal semantic
	- same functionality can be achieved be submitting failed jobs again 
with the original job template, which is available from the job

> 3. Solving remaining issues in DRMAAv2 Draft 3

- Recent discussion about hard limits on the list
	- Agreement that most systems ultimatively map to OS setrlimit()
	- Decision to describe hard limit violation effect per ResourceLimitTpe 
	- Decision to only specify if jobs fails or does not fail
	- All further effects (e.g. no more open() calls possible) are out of 
scope for DRMAA, since they relate to operating system behavior on 
execution host

- Proposal my Mariusz to have machine state indication
	- Machine struct used to represent installed hosts
	- Might be not available for job execution at the time of querying
	- Decision to have boolean flag expressing usability of machine for job 
execution (== as part of a candidateHosts list)
	- Denote timeing issues - machine state might changing between querying 
and actual job submission
	- No implication on job submission success if unavailable hosts are 
used in the specfication -> job might stay QUEUED until the machine 
becomes available again

- Proposal by Mariusz to bundle DRMAA implementation capability check
	- Meanwhile different optional functions (event notification, advanced 
	- Agreement to have session function which takes an entry from a 
capability enumeration as input, and returns a Boolean of this feature 
is supported

> Draft version 4 may arrive in time before the call.

It did not. Mariusz is working on advance reservation part during the 

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