[DRMAA-WG] Conference call - June 1th - 19:00 UTC

Mariusz Mamoński mamonski at man.poznan.pl
Wed Jun 1 16:28:36 CDT 2011


2011/5/31 Peter Tröger <peter at troeger.eu>:
> Dear all,
> the next DRMAA conf call is scheduled for June 1th, 19:00 UTC. We meet on
> Skype, please find me under my user name "potsdam_pit".
> Preliminary meeting agenda:
> 1. Meeting secretary for this meeting?
> 2. DRMAAv2 Draft 5 (see attachment)
> Best regards,
> Peter.

a new spreadsheet tab wich tries to summarize how different resource
limits are handled in GE/LSF/Torque:


and the proposition of restructuring the section 5.6.25 ( text in
brackets [] == my comment):

5.6.26 resourceLimits  [not hardResourceLimits]

This attribute specifies the limits on resource utilization of the
job(s) on the execution host(s). The valid dictionary keys and their
value semantics are defined in Section 4.3.

VIRTUAL_MEMORY limits SHOULD be implemented as the soft resource
limits. An implementation MAY map them to an setrlimit call in the
operating system. [I think the actual usecase for those resources is
to increase the system default limit rather than actually limit the

The WALLCLOCK_TIME and CPU_TIME should be implemented as hard resource
limits, i.e. exceeding the resource limit  SHOULD eventually lead to
termination of a job either by the DRM system or the application
itself. The DRM system MAY frist notify the application upon reaching
the limit (e.g. by sending a signal that can be handled) before trying
to terminate it.

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