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artf6482: Distributed Resource Management Application API Version 2 (DRMAA)

Modified on 29.08.2011 by Greg Newby

Comment was added:
This is scheduled for discussion on September 12 during the standards 
council telecon.  Sorry that it was delayed, but we're only having 
meetings 2x monthly, and the agendas didn't permit getting to your 
document.  It should be ready for next steps in time for OGF33.

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Artifact details:-

Project: Editor
Tracker: Submit OGF Draft

Group: Applications
Status: GFSG Review: Initial
Category: Recommendations Track
Priority: 4
Assigned To: Wolfgang Ziegler

Description: This document describes the 'Distributed Resource 
Management Application API Version 2 (DRMAA)'. It
defines a generalized API to 'Distributed Resource Management (DRM)' 
systems in order to facilitate the
development of portable application programs and high-level libraries.

The intended audience for this specification are DRMAA language binding 
designers, DRM system vendors,
high-level API designers and meta-scheduler architects. End users are 
expected to rely on product-specific
documentation for the DRMAA API implementation in their particular 
programming language.

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