[DRMAA-WG] Meeting Minutes - Conference call - Sep 8th - 19:00 UTC

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed Sep 8 16:49:19 CDT 2010

Participants: Mac McCalla & Marion King (Hess Oil), Roger, Dan, Peter

- Meeting secretary: Peter
- Discussion of Hess Oil issue with DRMAAv1 interface
	- SGE can put jobs into error state on abnormal conditions, which allows to continue it after manual fixing
	- DRMAAv1 has no concept for this, implementation currently expresses the error jobs as still running, which makes detection difficult
	- Proposal for DRMAAv2: Map such jobs to SUSPENDED state, use subState concept to express detailed error condition, transition back to RUNNING possible in the DRMAA model
- Hess Oil use case: simulation task farming, array jobs
- Discussion on job history with persistent sessions
	- Agreed semantic is (still) that jobs might disappear between session usage
	- On the other side, implementation can also keep history of terminated jobs in the session
	- Important to not exclude this possibility in the spec layout

> 2. Sanity check for OS type description (check http://tinyurl.com/25cy9u7 )

.- Looks good for Roger, keep it as it is.

> 3. Proposal for new JobInfo attributes: priority and memory consumption (check Google spreadsheet)

- Short research showed that priority is always scheduling priority for all jobs of this user
- Agreed to add priority to JobTemplate and JobInfo
- Semantic of memory consumption information in the different systems still unclear - delayed

> 4. Is SGE really not able to distinguish between user mode CPU time and system mode CPU time ? (check Google spreadsheet)
> 5. Collaborative editing of Google spreadsheet
> Google spreadsheet: 
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqyvnBscJNqxcnJBSUs5dXRrU29EUVhGOGthc1lDTFE

Dropped due to time issues.

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