[DRMAA-WG] Meeting Minutes - Conference call - Oct 20th - 19:00 UTC

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed Oct 20 15:53:21 CDT 2010

Participants:  Daniel, Dan, Mariusz, Peter

> 1. Meeting secretary ?


> 2. Organization of document finishing, phone call suspension

- All major open issues are clarified, start of final writing phase
- Daniel offered to work on full text for MonitoringSession chapter
- Mariusz offered to work on full text for Advance Reservation chapters
- Dan and Peter will cover the rest
- Final wrap-up meeting in Europe planned for December 

- !!! Bi-weekly phone calls will be suspended, on-demand organization of calls instead !!!
	- Demands more activity on the mailing list, in order to collect new issues

> 3. Collaborative editing of Google spreadsheet
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqyvnBscJNqxcnJBSUs5dXRrU29EUVhGOGthc1lDTFE

- Resource limit part in JobTemplate
	- SGE combines resource request formulation and ulimit settings as one thing (example: virtual memory demand)
	- Most other systems support only pure ulimit specification
	- Decision to mention the possible conflict between generic resource requests and limit settings
- Placeholders:
	- Home and working directory to be removed, since they can be expressed by "~" and "."
	- Proposal by Dan to add (execution host) user name and host name as supported placeholders
		- Clarification of support in DRM systems needed (Mariusz ? Roger ?)
	- Idea of having generic placeholder for DRM-specific placeholders: outFile="/foo/bar/$DRMSPECIFIC:SGE_TASK_ID$/foo"
		- Would allow to have portable source code + broader support for DRM-specific placeholders
		- Other implementations can detect through the prefix that they do not support this placeholder
		- Discussion of according reaction: wiping it out vs. replacing by "UNKNOWN" vs. throwing an error
		- Tendency to favor the error option, in order to not implicitly change job template semantics
	- Placeholders for other job template attributes rejected, because of circular dependency problem

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