[DRMAA-WG] Load average interval ?

Daniel Gruber D.Gruber at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 22 08:41:58 CDT 2010

 From SGE point of view all three (uptime(1)) values can be used. The 
standard load
value is the 5 minute average. We also have a normalized load, which 
divides the load
by the number of processors installed (in order to compare the load 
between different
server systems). And again the normalized load is available for all 
three load values.

I'm voting for having at least all 3 uptime load values.



On 03/22/10 14:05, Peter Tröger wrote:
> Hi,
> next remaining thing from OGF28:
> We support the determination of machineLoad average in the MonitoringSession interface. At OGF, we could not agree on which of the typical intervals (1/5/15 minutes) we want to use here. Maybe all of them ?
> Best,
> Peter.
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