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Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 15 09:09:47 CDT 2010

The SGE qrstat command also just gives a list of the current 
reservations.  The only filtering you can do is by user, not by host.


On 03/15/10 04:08, Peter Tröger wrote:
> Hi,
>> i should said "wish to know which exactly hosts were reserved FOR
>> GIVEN RESERVATION" (e.g. i have attached screenshot of one of our
>> application that provides such information to users - we found it very
>> useful). With monitoring session approach it would be impossible
>> (please correct me if i'm wrong) to determine which resrvation/user
>> occupies particular machine.
> Ah, so this is not about getting the machines for a reservation, but
> getting the reservation for a machine. I wonder of all DRM system
> support this kind of machine-level monitoring information in an explicit
> way, or if this is just derived information from the list of all
> reservations in the system. In this case, we could just add
> sequence<Reservation>  activeReservations;
> to the MonitoringSession interface. This allows for fetching all active
> reservations in the DRM system. Each Reservation object then contains
> the list of assigned hosts, and the application could derive the graph
> you showed as example.
> I found the "pbs_rstat" command as a good example for the command-line
> equivalent of this API design.
>>> The usedSlots attribute still seems to fit better in the
>>> MonitoringSession
>>> interface. I would expect to have all information in the Reservation
>>> interface to be available before the first job starts, which is not
>>> the case
>>> for usedSlots. We can fight about making usedSlots a part of JobInfo.
>> Actually for me usedSlots is not a vital information (user should be
>> able in most cases determine this by counting how many jobs it has
>> already submitted into this reservation)
> Completely agreed. I would vote for leaving that one out.
>> maybe we should discuss it during the OGF. For me beauty is in simplicity.
> Mee to. Let's clarify this on Wednesday in Munich.
> Best,
> Peter.
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