[DRMAA-WG] meeting minutes March 3rd 2010

Daniel Gruber D.Gruber at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 5 04:28:16 CST 2010

Attendees: Dan, Roger, Mariusz, Daniel

Meeting secretary: Daniel

1. JobMonitoring and JobTemplate list:
-> Please go all through the lists in the google documents and
     select the important ones


2. JobStates
-> Merging suspended state to one state and have optional sub-states
    like for hold state
-> Mariusz will compare terminated state with SAGA

3. Roger is working on IDL to C mapping

4. Thread safety: Taking out the deleteJobTemplate() (implementation
    will delete it automatically, something like garbage collection when
    not referenced anymore)?
   Daniel: Checks implementation thread safety issues side of DRMAAv1 on SGE
   Other thread safety points on agenda are deferred.
5. Move JobInfo into Job template. Roger, Dan, Daniel agreed in not to 
    (One reason was: Job object is alive and JobInfo information is static)
    Explicit statement for DRMS that don't have information from master. 
Up to
    the implementation which fields are reported.

6. OGF meeting is in two weeks hence no conference call



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