[DRMAA-WG] misssing exceptions and thread safety

Mariusz Mamoński mamonski at man.poznan.pl
Tue Mar 2 00:24:10 CST 2010

Hi all,

1. Can we merge JobAlreadySuspendedException,
JobNotSuspendedException, JobTerminatedException into one something
like CantApplyToCurrentStateExecption (OGSA-BES approach) and state
that the error message should bears current job state ?
2. Guaranteeing atomicity (concerning operation that comes from
outside) in DRMAA is almost impossible for the DRMS i know, as usually
there is no "lock on job" operation available in public API.


On 1 March 2010 15:27, Andre Merzky <andre at merzky.net> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Quoting [Daniel Templeton] (Mar 01 2010):
>> There is, however, no need to make the exception explicitly
>> optional.  Exceptions are by definition optional.
> This may be true in this case, but in general I expect exceptions to
> be guaranteed on specific circumstances. For example, I would expect
> that a suspend() on an invalid jobid will *always* cause an
> exception (mandatory), not only sometimes (optional).
> Best, Andre.
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