[DRMAA-WG] misssing exceptions and thread safety

Daniel Gruber D.Gruber at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 1 03:50:47 CST 2010


while scanning the wiki I found following:

The Job object methods should throw following exceptions:
- "JobAlreadySuspendedException" from suspend method when
  job is already suspended. The DRMAA implementation have
  to make sure that suspend job is just called once. It is not enough
  for the DRMAA implementation to rely on own state, it should
  check the state automatically in order to avoid problems when
  the state is set outside of DRMAA. Should DRMAA deal with
  such cases?
- "JobNotSuspendedException" from the resume method (like above).
- "JobTerminatedException" when calling a method on a job
   when the job is already terminated.
   This is for "suspend" "resume" "hold" "release" "terminate" "waitStarted"

Obvious synchronization problems:
- accessing an already "deleted" JobTemplate: here that same as for a 
destroyed Session should apply (InvalidJobTemplateException)
- accessing a job template while "deleting" (running a job or accessing 
otherwise): here that same as for a destroyed Session should apply 
- write access for the job templates must be synchronized by the DRMAA 
- Is there a need to make the invalid state of a JobTemplate (that is 
when a JobSession
  has been closed) as an accessible field or should every problem 
covered by the


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