[DRMAA-WG] Conference call - Jun 23th - 19:00 UTC

Daniel Templeton daniel.templeton at oracle.com
Wed Jun 23 15:20:17 CDT 2010

As promised on the call, here's the summary of the monitoring 
discussion.  Please add your comments and corrections.

o The monitoring session is should provide parallel functionality to the 
job session's job monitoring for monitoring all jobs in the cluster.
o The job monitoring capability for the monitoring session should 
support a query filter
o The job monitoring capability for the monitoring session will return a 
set of job objects that contain a set of core information and a 
dictionary of optional information that will be "standardized" through 
the drmaa.org site.
o The job monitoring capability should be able to return jobs from 
any/all users.
o The DRM or DRMAA implementation is at liberty to restrict the set of 
returned jobs based on site or system policies, such as security settings.
o The job monitoring model will assume that the DRM system has three job 
information states: running, buffered, purged.  Only information for 
jobs that are still running or are still held in the buffer of finished 
job information will be reported.  Jobs that have been purged out to 
accounting will be ignored.
o Exit status will be an optional component of the job object.  It will 
only be available for jobs still held in the DRM system's buffer.

Does that sound accurate and complete?  I'll leave it to Peter or 
Mariusz to generate the IDL. :)

One thing that we didn't discuss to completion was scalability.  With 
the job session monitoring, the set of jobs is likely to be 
significantly smaller than the complete set of jobs, especially when 
including the DRM's finished job buffer.  In both cases, however, there 
should be some facility to deal with massive job counts.  Filtering is 
certainly one option.  An application could query only a limited set at 
a time, but that places a fairly large burden on the app developers.  
The ivory tower solution would be some sort of cursor, but I don't think 
we really want to go there.  Thoughts?


On 6/23/10 6:00 AM, Peter Tröger wrote:
> Dear all,
> the next DRMAA phone conference is scheduled on Jun 23th, at 19:00 UTC.
> The phone conference line is sponsored by Oracle. Please consult the 
> following page for dial-in numbers from your country:
> http://www.intercall.com/oracle/access_numbers.htm
> The conference code is 6513037.  The security code is DRMAA (37622).
> Preliminary meeting agenda:
> 1. Meeting secretary ?
> 2. Monitoring jobs not submitted by DRMAA - final decision
> 5. Cleaning up the spreadsheet:
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=rrAIK9utkSoDQXF8kasYCLQ
> Due to urgent issues of national interest, I am not able to 
> participate in the call ;-)
> I would kindly ask either Dan or Mariusz to lead the discussion.
> Best regards,
> Peter.
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