[DRMAA-WG] Documents in public comment

Andre Merzky andre at merzky.net
Thu Jun 3 14:00:11 CDT 2010

Sorry for the crosspost.


Hi all,

please note that two OGF SAGA documents entered public comment

   - Experiences with Implementing the SAGA Core API (EXP)

   - SAGA API Extension: Advert API (P-REC)

We would appreciate any comments to those documents, even if they
are simple ones like "read the documents and agree with the
findings" or "read the documents and could not make sense of section
1.2" etc.

In particular comments to the first document will help us to move
the SAGA Core API specification to Recommendation status, so
comments are in particular appreciated here.

The second document, the Advert API extension, is in our opinion
also quite interesting, as it enables and supports a large set of
distributed application use cases in a simple and elegant way.

Thanks, and best regards,


Nothing is ever easy.

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