[DRMAA-WG] Conference call minutes - Oct 14th 2009

Daniel Gruber D.Gruber at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 14 01:37:14 CDT 2009

   Peter Troeger
   Roger Brobst
   Hrabri Rajic
   Daniel Gruber

1. Meeting secretary: Daniel

2. Last meeting minutes accepted

3. New meeting time discussion (http://www.doodle.com/u6zry5bzuumy63n6)

   -> week keep original time slot (Tuesday 19:00 UTC)

4. Draft 5 - MonitoringSession interface (see drmaa.org for draft document)

   - machinePhyMemory / machineVirtMemory: need for differentiation 
     between configured versus available memory (the term "available" 
     currently used in the spec for machineVirtMemory is misleading)

   - Cache sizes are not reported out of the box via most DRMs 
     (so we don't support that)

   - Disk space (for directories, FS, networks storage) -> we keep it 
     in mind but make it not yet to an attribute (for sure only optional 
     because the lack of support by DRMs)

   - Discussion about explicit file transfer (file staging) which is 
     not in use.

   - MachineOS: Problem: Standardized list of Strings. 
     Peter: Common information model by DMTF (specifies and updates 
            a list)
     Roger; POSIX (uname -a)

   - MachineLoad: machineLoad(in string machineName, in AverageTime)
     where AverageTime is short/medium/long (1, 5, 15 minutes - the 
     values from the uptime command). (CoreNumber is thrown out)
     enum AverageTime {

5. Draft 5 - JobInfo interface (see drmaa.org for draft document)

   - time slot was over -> next time



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