[DRMAA-WG] Call for participation: DRMAA2 machine monitoring

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed Nov 11 07:00:25 CST 2009

Thanks for your comment, Mariusz. The LSF page ypu provided promises even more 
information from the LSF DRMS:


This fits seamlessly to our OS / CPU architecture proposal - good. The question 
remains if we want to add network bandwidth, available tmp space and / or the 
number of local disks to the DRMAA model.

Beside the cross-check with other DRM's (PBS, SGE, Globus, ...), my initial list 
of OS identification issues is also still there:

- Do we need to distinguish the different BSD derivations ?
- Do we really need support for Non-NT Windows and OSF/1 ?
- Is SCO OpenServer something different from SCO UnixWare ? Is this a relevant 
separation ?
- Do we need to add mainframe operating systems ?
- Do we need a more fine-grained distinguishing between different Sparc processors ?


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