[DRMAA-WG] Face-to-Face Meeting

Andre Merzky andre at merzky.net
Sat Dec 5 16:20:26 CST 2009

Hi all, 

this is an reminder that we have the DRMAA/SAGA F2F next week,
Thursday/Friday, at gthe Zuse Institute Berlin.  We have booked the
room all day, so I propose we start at Thursday 9am and finish 4pm

As far as agenda goes, we will use up most of the time to sync the
evolution of DRMAA with the evolution of the SAGA job package.
We'll thus cover an overview of both in the beginning, and then
discuss various separate items in depths, such as

  - object hierarchy
  - job monitoring
  - notification mechanism

This list is at the moment open, and will likely defined by the set
of participants on the fly.

Please let me know if you need further information or travel advice.

Cheers, see you soon, Andre.

Quoting [Andre Merzky] (Nov 09 2009):
> Hi again, 
> it seems that December 10/11 is the preferred option for the F2F, so
> we'll go ahead and plan for that date.
> So far we have confirmations from five people to attend.  We'd
> appreciate if you could all confirm your attendence by end of
> November.
> The meeting will be hosted by Zuse Institute Berlin (thanks!).
> We'll send the exact details around about a week before the meeting.
> To help travel planning: ZIB is about an hour away from Tegel
> Airport, about two hours from Schoenefeld Airport, and about 30
> minutes from Berlin Downtown.  More details, and proposed
> accomodations, are on http://www.zib.de/besucher/index.en.html
> Please let us know if you want us to help organize accomocations.
> To re-iterate: this will mostly be a DRMAA meeting, dedicated to
> make progress on the open DRMAA.v2 issues, but we will use part of
> that F2F time to sync with the SAGA approaches which seem to have
> covered some part of the problem space targeted by DRMAA.v2.
> Cheers, see you soon in Berlin, 
>   Andre.
> Quoting [Andre Merzky] (Oct 24 2009):
> > 
> > [ sorry for cross-posting ]
> > 
> > Hi DRMAA group, Hi SAGA group, 
> > 
> > at OGF27, we discussed a joined 2-day face-to-face meeting between
> > the SAGA and DRMAA groups, with focus on the upcoming DRMAA.v2
> > specification.  We expect a SAGA DRMAA extension to be specified in
> > lockstep -- thus the cross-group participation.
> > 
> > At the moment, we plan to have that F2F meeting in Berlin (thanks to
> > Alexander for agreeing to host!).  We created a doodle form to poll
> > for possible dates - so for all those who intent to participate in
> > the F2F, please add your availability at:
> > 
> >   http://www.doodle.com/m4z7fy888yndp7f7
> > 
> > The F2F is open of course, but we may have some space constraints -
> > so please *do* fill the doodle soon, so that we can have a
> > reasonable estimate about participation.
> > 
> > Cheers, Andre
Nothing is ever easy.

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