[DRMAA-WG] New DRMAA test suite v1.7.0

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Wed Sep 10 16:37:20 CDT 2008

Dear all,

the DRMAA test suite was updated, according to recent discussions on the 
list. If your implementation passes all tests with this version (1.7.0), 
it is highly probable that you are fully compliant to GFD.133.

Usage guidelines and the download link are provided on www.drmaa.org. 
Please notice that we moved to a Subversion repository on GridForge. No 
more binaries for download.

This test suite WILL FAIL for all SGE and Condor installations in the 
field. This is reasoned by the misinterpretation of wif_exited() in 
these two implementations, as discussed here:


The Condor DRMAA library is already fixed, so just wait for their next 
release. Sun still needs to comment on that. For GridWay, LSF library, 
PBSPro library, .... , we kindly ask the implementors to re-run all tests.

 From the CHANGELOG file:

- Added new test ST_GET_NUM_JOBIDS for testing drmaa_get_num_job_ids()
- Extended ST_SUPPORTED_ATTR / ST_SUPPORTED_VATTR to check also the 
drmaa_get_num_attr_names() call
- Extended ST_ATTRIBUTE_CHANGE to check also the 
drmaa_get_num_attr_values() call
- Added new test ST_BULK_SUBMIT_INCRPH for testing placeholder handling
- Extended ST_SUBMIT_IN_HOLD_DELETE to check that only wifaborted is 
true (thanks to Piotr for finding the according SGE bug)
- Extended ST_SUBMIT_KILL_SIG to check that only wifsignaled is true 
(thanks to Piotr for finding the according SGE bug)

Questions should go to the list.

Thanks and best regards,

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