[DRMAA-WG] drmaa python

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Mon Oct 13 03:35:32 CDT 2008


> I don't have detailed knowledge of LSF, or for that matter any implementation of 
> cluster systems. I know that FedStage has released a C DRMAA implementation 
> which works on our system here.
> https://www.fedstage.com/wiki/FedStage_DRMAA_Guide

Good to know that the FedStage library has such an active user community.

> raises an issue that I've recently had. I imagine that many sites would have 
> some sort of custom default resource requests (we definitely do here). My naive 
> pythonic solution would be to have a base class which has the "basic" drmaa 
> requests, and then a derived class which mirrors our local set of submit scripts 
> so that jobs submitted via drmaa have identical rights (and default settings) to 
> jobs submitted by command line. Would this be a good thing to do? I guess my 
> question is more about "How does one customize drmaa for a particular site?". Or 
> is it bad to have the class implementing "basic" drmaa requests, because the 
> cluster system admins probably would like such jobs.

I think you problem is exactly solved by DRMAA job categories:

"8.9 jobCategory
This attribute allows an implementation-defined string specifying how to 
resolve site-specific resources and/or policies. Site administrators MAY 
create a job category suitable for an application to be dispatched by 
the DRMS; the associated category name SHALL be specified as a job 
submission attribute. The DRMAA implementation MAY then use the category 
name to manage site-specific resource and functional requirements of 
jobs in the category. Such requirements need to be configurable by the 
site operating a DRMS and deploying an application on top of it.
" [GFD.130]

The system-wide definition of available DRMAA job categories depends on 
the library implementation . In the Condor case, you can create a config 
file with category names and according submit file entries to be added.

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