[DRMAA-WG] Meeting Minutes - DRMAA-WG Oct 23, 2007 call

Peter Troeger peter.troeger at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Wed Oct 24 09:19:28 CDT 2007

Attendees: Hrabri, Roger, Dan, Peter

> C. Current documents status
> 	- GFD.022 Recommendation document promoted to the
> 		OGF Recommendation document
> 	- PBS/Torque DRMAA Experience document published as GFD.117

- drmaa.org now points to the approved and therefore final DRMAA 1.0  
- Document on ogf.org is still an outdated version of GFD.022

> D. OGF 21 DRMAA report

- As described by Dan in an earlier mail
- Important DRMAA announcements might come at SC 07
- We need PR work and spec work in parallel
- HPC Basic Profile gains attention with similar features, comparison  
- JSDL / DRMAA mapping was already done earlier, Peter will refresh  
the comparison results

> E. Current discussion items
> 	- DRMAA logo and branding
> 	- IDL document version and submission

- Agreement that we should go forward with the logo discussion on the  
mailing list (big / small version)
- Peter does the final IDL spec review this week, and submits at the  
beginning of next week.

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