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Having our own external wiki and pages (are they up the date?) we are
not all the time under OGF umbrella policies.

DRMAA trademark is something different.  

Inquiring about the OGF marketing office position for the above issues
should not take much effort.  I will do that one of these days.


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>Well, that is the real question.  Are we serious about a logo?  My
>original intent was just to have a pretty graphic to use in
>presentations, but I like where we've gone with this so far, and I
>I can actually see some valid uses/needs for having a DRMAA graphic,
>such as on the Sun Grid Engine web site.  The point Dave made about
>"DRMAA Inside" is also a good one.  If we're going to do this, we
>do it up right.
>I guess the most important question is whether anyone wants to
>to take the lead on talking to the marketing office and driving the
>creation of a logo.  I would volunteer if I had the time to give.  At
>the moment, though, I'm booked through March.
>And about the OGF reference...  I think there's little to no chance of
>fitting an OGF logo into a DRMAA logo.  The OGF logo is simply too
>complex to be a sub-logo.  I'm not completely opposed to having "OGF"
>"Open Grid Forum" included in the logo text, but only as long as it's
>not at the expense the logo's simplicity and cohesiveness.
>For precedent on the topic, go look at any of the standards from the
>that have logos, which many of them do.  None of them reference the JCP
>in their logos, but they always identify themselves as JSR-### when
>referenced in text.  Following this example, we'd leave OGF out of the
>logo but always call the standard "DRMAA (GFD.22)".  (It's rather the
>OGF's job to make sure that the general public understands that "GFD"
>something from the OGF.)
>Steven Newhouse wrote:
>> What no acknowledgement of OGF in the logo? Shame on you all...
>> If you are serious about developing a brand - you should get in touch
>with the OGF office (marketing) about trademark protection etc. For
>instance OGSA is registered so that we can protect that brand.
>> Steven
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