[DRMAA-WG] DRMAA Working Group Meeting Minutes For 22 May 2007

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Tue May 22 12:02:31 CDT 2007

DRMAA Working Group Meeting 22 May 2007

o 1 April 2007 minutes accepted
o Agreed to send spec to editor for publishing
  * Should articulate that we have handled the feedback
o We should expect an experience doc for "another" DRM
o Tracker 5882
  * Agreed to make the change
  * Duplicate of tracker 5493
o Tracker 5873
  * Clarification sentence will be added
  * Will wait to deal with adding to additional attributes
  * Concern about implementability of adding incr to all attributes
    - Need to look to what DRM vendors are able to support
o Tracker 5883
  * Current spec returns DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_ARGUMENT
  * Cannot make arbitrary functionality changes
  * Acknowledge that the problem exists and that it is fixed in the IDL spec
  * Will reply directly to Chris
o Tracker 5884
  * Native specification is an unpredictable wildcard
    - Use is at the user's peril
    - We don't need to try to prevent it
  * We do need to clarify that run_job and run_bulk_jobs are non-blocking
    - State that the routines *return after* sending the job(s) to the grid
  * Need to be sure that the native spec desc is clear that it can 
violate the API spec
    - Native spec SHOULD not violate the API spec
  * Same applies to job category
o Tracker 5881
  * Consider a DRMAA JSDL profile
o Hrabri will update the docs and send them out for review
o Will submit doc after review of changes
o What do we do with the IDL spec?
  * After 1.0 is published, then we start publishing our other docs
    - Avoid confusing the committee
o Should add a timeline for when we're submitting things
  * Less urgent since OGF 20 is over
o Hrabri out Mid-July until mid-August


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