[DRMAA-WG] Blocking drmaa_run_job()

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Thu May 17 01:24:12 CDT 2007


I just had a discussion on the SGE mailing list that should probably be 
a tracker for the IDL spec.  A user attempted to use the "-sync y" 
option in the DRMAA native specification attribute, and was confused as 
to why it didn't work.  -sync tells the SGE qsub command to block until 
the job finishes.  The user wanted to bypass the drmaa_wait() call by 
doing a blocking drmaa_run_job() call.  I looked through the DRMAA spec 
and the IDL spec, and neither actually declares whether the job 
submission routines should return before the job completes or not.  
That's probably an important detail that should be included.


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