[DRMAA-WG] Torque/PBS DRMAA - $drmaa_incr_ph$ issue

Rajic, Hrabri hrabri.rajic at intel.com
Tue May 8 08:24:02 CDT 2007

The restriction is proving to be difficult to locate, at least for me. 
In either case, section 3.2.4 is in a need of update to reflect the
implied restriction or refer to its text.



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>> Issue:
>> To ease handling of bulk jobs, we recommend adding the ability to use
>> $drmaa_incr_ph$ not only in file paths but also in program
>> arguments and
>> environment variables.
>> ------------
>> The spec is not explicit regarding the program arguments part and
>> implies that it could be embedded into any attribute, but to be 100%
>> certain we would need to check the previous records to see if and
>> the restrictions are.
>> We also need to check what is in the current implementations.
>> Could the
>> implementers, please respond to this thread?
>The DRMAA specification permits the variable usage explicitly in the
>according attribute descriptions, which only implies the non-usage
>for the other attributes. The IDL spec is more precise and lists up
>the allowed attributes for PARAMETRIC_INDEX.  The Condor
>implementation allows this variable only in the path-related
>I agree to take this as important feature request, and will create
>the tracker item when the initial discussion is finished.
>Here is the list of job template string / string list attributes,
>which could also get support for this variable:
>Already allowed for:
>  attribute string workingDirectory;
>  attribute string inputPath;
>  attribute string outputPath;
>  attribute string errorPath;
>Could also be allowed for:
>  attribute string remoteCommand;
>  attribute OrderedStringList args;
>  attribute Dictionary jobEnvironment;
>  attribute string jobName;
>  attribute string nativeSpecification;
>Makes maybe no sense for:
>  attribute string jobCategory  (since this is based on a predefined
>list of keywords)
>  attribute StringList email      (since this must be a valid eMail
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