[DRMAA-WG] Torque/PBS DRMAA - file transfer routines

Peter Troeger peter.troeger at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Fri May 4 11:03:41 CDT 2007

> Issue:
> File transfer routines are desired by many users and currently they  
> are
> only limited to standard input, output and error streams.
> ---------
> Omitting file transfer capability was done on purpose in version  
> one to
> put all the major DRM systems at the same footing.
> On of the ambitious DRMAA goals was to influence DRM system vendors or
> providers to standardize (one more time) the DRM systems and add  
> missing
> capabilities as deemed necessary by the user community, so this is an
> ambitious goal - in contrast to the request.

Maybe this is out of scope for DRMAA. Even the three available file  
transfer attributes are implemented in a different manner in Condor,  
SGE and GridWay. Specifying a common file transfer API is also  
already handled by other working groups.


> -Hrabri
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