[DRMAA-WG] DRMAA-WG June 5, 2007 call

Rajic, Hrabri hrabri.rajic at intel.com
Tue Jun 5 08:35:47 CDT 2007

[ Note the change of time - one hour later that usual]

The bi-weekly DRMAA call is scheduled for 17:00 UTC (9:00PDT - Pacific
Daylight Savings Time /11:00CDT/ 18:00 Central Europe Summer Time). All
Participants should use the following information to reach the
conference call:
* Toll Free Dial In Number for North America:   1 800 867-8609
* Toll Free Dial In Number for Germany:         0 800 101-4546
* Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:      +49 069509594678
* ACCESS CODE: 7223898

Attachments to this email:

      - May 22, 2007 meeting minutes

Meeting Agenda:

A. Meeting secretary for this meeting?
B. Acceptance of the May 22, 2007 meeting minutes

C. Admin
      - Ready to submit the DRMAA-R candidate document

F. Open/general issues discussion
      - Tracker 5879 needs review and approval
	- Quick review of the DRMAA-R candidate document 
			(separate today's mail)
	- Handle open issues (see below)
	- misc


>Subject: Re: [DRMAA-WG] New DRMAA 1.0 recommendation document edits
>>The font for [hlr5] looks wrong, everything else is fine.
>	Fixed.  There was one more spot from previous edits round.
>>All trackers are updated according to the latest decisions. We still
>>have the following things left open:
>>'Delayed' status candidates, need only group decision:
>	I have gone over them one more time and fully agree that we
>	label them as delayed, but continue to work on some of them once
>the 	specification has been submitted.
>>'Reject' status candidates:
>	If we could have delayed-delayed term it would be more
>	Since even 'reject' Trackers are archived it does not make a
>difference.  You have my vote here.
>>Candidates for change of lang.-indep. spec:
>	This Tracker required a minor change in the DRMAA recommendation
>candidate document - please verify that the new edit [hlr6] is OK in
>attached document.
>	Thanks
>		Hrabri
>>I added the status code meanings to the GridForge Wiki pages:
>[ .. ]
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