[DRMAA-WG] Updated DRMAA spec for your review

Rajic, Hrabri hrabri.rajic at intel.com
Wed Aug 29 10:39:44 CDT 2007

The 4th Experimental document reference link and its name would change
by the time we are done with the public review process, so that is one
comment that we need to file once the updated document is posted.


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>Thx Peter,
>Great comments!   Here is updated version.
>Please provide corrected sentences (or parts) text, so we could tune
>modifications faster.
>	Hrabri
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>>Hi Hrabri,
>>thanks for the work. Here are my comments:
>>General comment:
>>	I would suggest to use consistently the terms "Proposed
>>Recommendation (GFD-R-P)" and "Grid Recommendation (GFD-R)",
>>according to GFD.1.
>>"This document supercedes GFD-22 OGF document [GDF.22]"
>>	The reference should be [GFD.22]
>>"It is an updated version of the  original document, based on the
>>feedback from four independent DRMAA implementations as documented in
>>the OGF Experimental documents."
>>	I would list them up with references, since we have official OGF
>>document numbers for three of them.
>>" Listed drama_w* routines parameters with parameter comments."
>>	Spelling error.
>>"Explicit listing of all error codes at the end of routines"
>>	I would state this as "Explicit specification of all error
>>which was identified as basic need by the implementors. The spec
>>became more precise here.
>>I would also list up the tracker item numbers, just to the express
>>the amount of work invested:
>>* Explicit listing of all error codes at the end of routines. (1171 -
>>1172,1175 - 1178, 1180 - 1181, 1783 - 1184, 1186 - 1191 )
>>* Explicit and more self-sufficient text of the API semantics. (5884,
>>5882, 1786, 781, 1126, 1040, 1400)
>>o Clarification of the multithreading issues. (1174, 1793, 5879)
>>o Much detailed explanation about job reaping provided. (1568, 1686)
>>o Clarification of control routines behavior for sets of job. (1173,
>>1683, 1357)
>>o Clarification of drmaa_w* routine semantics. (1125)
>>o Listed drama_w* routines parameters with parameter comments. (1125)
>>* JOB_IDS_SESSION_ANY and JOB_IDS_SESSION_ALL constants definition.
>>o Information that job submission calls are nonblocking. (5884)
>>o In which attributes is the special index placeholder allowed. (5873)
>>Another modification was the change to the OGF document template.
>>Am 29.08.2007 um 07:10 schrieb Rajic, Hrabri:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Here is the modified spec GFD.22 mod2.pdf, according to Steven's
>>> suggestions and a fully commented text of the previous final spec
>>> version, so you could scan for the spec modifications yourselves to
>>> verify the new test.
>>> If you copy the sections of the new text in separate e-mails when
>>> responding, than the comments/edits could be done in parallel.
>>> then to all the people, so we could  reach a quick consensus if
>>> needed.
>>> I have put back the original authors list, plus the maintainer to
>>> it consistent with the old version.
>>> If you could provide the comments by 4pm or earlier my time today,
>>> so I
>>> could do the modifications and engage Steven that would be great.
>>> Greetings
>>> -Hrabri
>>> <ggf-rec-drmaa-1_0-2nd_stage_final_comments.pdf>
>>> <GFD.22 mod2.pdf>
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