[DRMAA-WG] 17 Oct Meeting Minutes

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 17 13:16:48 CDT 2006

DRMAA-WG October 17, 2006
o Sept 19th meeting minutes accepted
o What to do with C binding?
  - If we submit it as a recommendation, the process is mistargeted
  - Another option is to submit as an informational document
    . Agreed that it will be an informal doc
    . Same goes for Java language binding
o No information yet on GFD.022 acceptance
o What to do with the IDL binding?
  - Still need to find out what the new rules are for versioning in OGF
  - About Peter's email:
    . Error and output path point to a file, not a directory
    . Peter and Dan will revisit the SPI section based on the 0.7 Java 
language binding
    . On vector v/s scalar point: 2 for keeping the string, 2 ok with 
keeping the string


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