[drmaa-wg] DRMAA Java Language Binding Specification 0.6.2

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Sat May 27 22:43:12 CDT 2006


I updated the 0.6.1 version of the Java language binding spec to bring 
it into sync with the IDL 0.3.5 spec (with the exception of the "reason" 
property of the JobInfo class, which was not introduced into the DRMAA 
1.0 spec).  What I want to do next is work on a 0.7 version which 
includes some of the lessons I've learned since we released the 0.5 
implementation with SGE 6.0u2.

Probably the wrong audience to ask, but are there any opinions as to 
whether I should update the spec for J2SE 5.0 or leave it in a J2SE 1.4 
compatible state?  There are several strong advantages to 5.0, including 
type-safe enumerations and generics.  The only disadvantage is that the 
new 5.0 syntax is not backwards compatible, which would force all DRMAA 
implementations to move to J2SE 5.0.  5.0 is available on most platforms 
these days.  MacOS X < 10.4 is one notable exception, though.

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