[drmaa-wg] drmaa_job_ps on finished jobs

Piotr Domagalski szalik at szalik.net
Thu May 18 13:10:39 CDT 2006


I have a question concerning drmaa_job_ps behaviour for jobs that have
finished (normally or failed). DRMAA 1.0 spec says:

"drmaa_job_ps DRMAA SHOULD always get the status of job_id from DRM
system, unless the previous status has been DRMAA_PS_FAILED or
DRMAA_PS_DONE and the status has been successfully cached. Terminated
jobs get DRMAA_PS_FAILED status."

Does that mean that DRMAA library should cache job status (_PS_FAILED or
_PS_DONE) and return it even when the job data was reaped by
drmaa_wait/drmaa_synchronize? I'm a bit confused because SGE's
implementation returns DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_JOB after drmaa_wait() but
Condor's library caches that information forever -- unless lib's log
files are deleted...

Piotr Domagalski

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