[drmaa-wg] drmaa_wifsignaled() on Windows

Rajic, Hrabri hrabri.rajic at intel.com
Thu Jan 26 14:51:14 CST 2006


Does Condor installation install the Interix subsystem?  I do not think
it is a common service on Windows.

The functionality could be needed in a mixed environment when the jobs
are submitted thru DRMAA on Windows but run on Unix.



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>Dear all,
>During the development of the Windows Condor DRMAA library, Greg
>Quinn from the Condor team stumbled over the drmaa_wifsignaled()
>function. Obviously, there is no well-defined meaning for this
>function in native Windows applications.
>Windows supports the execution of POSIX applications with MS Services
>for Unix (== Interix POSIX subsystem).
>However, 99% of the Windows applications (including Windows Condor)
>are native applications for the Win32 subsystem. Win32 relies on
>structured exception handling as basic concept, instead of a signal-
>based approach.
>SGE for Windows seems to solve the problem of a DRMAA library by
>using the above mentioned SFU. Is this correct ?
>I propose to have this issue in the Condor DRMAA experience document,
>as well as in the GridForge tracker.

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