[drmaa-wg] DRMAA test case for malicous job template input parameter

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 30 10:48:20 CDT 2005

Hi Peter,

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Peter Troeger wrote:

> Hi,
> the SGE DRMAA test suite has a set of three tests for checking the
> behavior in case of incorrect job template settings for the input,
> output, or error file path. The following text is the description of
> the test case:
>        /* - drmaa_init() is called
>           - a job is submitted with input/output/error path
> specification
>             that must cause the job to fail
>           - use drmaa_synchronize() to ensure job was started
>           - drmaa_job_ps() must return DRMAA_PS_FAILED
>           - drmaa_wait() must report drmaa_wifaborted() -> true
>           - then drmaa_exit() is called */
> The funny thing is that the test case expects the (wrong) template to
> be accepted by drmaa_run_job(), and then expects that the job status
> changes to FAILED.

This is due to sentences such as

  "If set, and the file can't be read, the job enters the state
   DRMAA_PS_FAILED. The attribute name is drmaa_input_path."

in DRMAA spec.

> The Condor implementation rejects the job template
> at submission time with DRMAA_ERRNO_DENIED_BY_DRM, which is in my
> opinion the right approach according to the spec.

Possibly with the Condor implementation a "drmaa_transfer_files" setting
"ioe" is in effect by default. This would imply these files are located
at the submit machine. At least this would be an explaination how Condor
can detect at submit time these pathes are invalid.

In case of Grid Engine "DRMAA_PS_FAILED" is returned as the defectiveness
of these pathes at the execution machine can't be determined before the
try to start the job.


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