[drmaa-wg] Condor DRMAA library

Rayson Ho rayrayson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 11:53:03 CDT 2005


1) Are the condor guys willing to accept the changes back to their release??

2) There can be symbol collisions in shared libs, and the way to avoid
it is to use a version script (for ELF platforms):


It works with SGE, but I haven't tried with the Condor lib yet (I
don't know how to install condor). If you think it's useful, please
add it into cvs.


On 9/25/05, Peter Troeger <peter.troeger at hpi.uni-potsdam.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> as announced in the phone conference,  the first fixed version of the
> Condor DRMAA library is now available from Sourceforge CVS:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/condor-ext
> Since Andreas provided the SGE DRMAA test suite officially to the
> project (thanks !), it is now also included in the repository. I
> removed all SGE-dependencies from the test cases, therefore
> test_drmaa.c now runs also with the Condor DRMAA library.
> The package now supports the usual "configure;make" build process.
> According to the underlying platform, a shared library is created
> (tested with MacOS X and Linux). Not all test cases work with the
> current Condor library, since some features are still not
> implemented. During the next 2 weeks, I will concentrate on fixing
> the library for the remaining tests.
> Regards,
> Peter.
> P.S.: If you are interested in the changes made so far, consult the
> CVS log. I started the Sourceforge repository with a vendor branch
> from the original Condor code.

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