[drmaa-wg] rusage parameter in drmaa_wait

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 23 04:14:43 CDT 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Peter Troeger wrote:

> Hi,
> I am stumbling over the first issues while improving the Condor DRMAA
> implementation ;-)
> In one test case, the SUN DRMAA test suite calls drmaa_wait with NULL
> as value for the rusage parameter. The Condor implementation
> currently treats this as an error, since there is no statement in the
> specs that this parameter can be optional. For SGE this seems to be
> ok, it simply does not return rusage data in this case. What do we
> declare as correct behavior ?

Hi Peter,

I consider Grid Engine behavoir reasonable as it is borrowed
from POSIX wait3()

   If rusage is not a null pointer, a summary of the  resources
   used  by  the  terminated  process  and  all its children is
   returned. Only the user time used and the system  time  used
   are  currently  available. They are returned in the ru_utime
   and ru_stime, members of the rusage structure, respectively.

in case the DRMAA application doesn't care about resource
usage enforcing non-NULL rusage be passed to drmaa_wait() would make
the application needlessly more voluminous, since the
drmaa_attr_values_t rusage array would need to be released via
drmaa_release_attr_values() even though it isn't used.

> Regards,
> Peter.
> P.S.: I would be happy if someone could take the responsibility for
> opening according tracker items, at least for the next several weeks.
> Thanks.

I encountered DRMAA C binding GWD-R document doesn't state explicitely
rusage may be NULL. I added it as tracker item.


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