[drmaa-wg] DRMAA-WG Sep 6,2005 call minutes

Roger Brobst rogerb at cadence.com
Tue Sep 6 12:44:28 CDT 2005

    Peter Troeger
    Roger Brobst
    Daniel Templeton
    Andreas Haas

Meeting Agenda:

> A. Meeting secretary for this meeting?


> B. Acceptance of the Aug 9, 2005 meeting minutes

    Accepted without change request

> C. Admin

    - Proceeding with 2 experience documents (SGE & Condor)
    - Timetable to be pursued on a "best-effort" basis

> F. Open/general issues discussion

    - Rough consensus for Experience documents to discuss possible
      solutions to issues which were identified, and defer updates
      to Lang-Independent-Spec.
    - Experiences gained from IDL-spec will be incorporated into
      SGE experience doc.
    - Working-Group needs to collect experiences and associate with
      appropriate document. Perhaps use Tracker "group" to categorize.
    - We will need to carefully consider compatibility.
      Compatible enhancements deemed "minor" will most likely be 
      included in "End User Experiences" section of appropriate doc.

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