[drmaa-wg] SGE, drmaa_job_ps and DRMAA sessions

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El Viernes, 4 de Marzo de 2005 22:02, Tim Harsch escribió:
> Thanks Peter,
>     I'm a little rusty on what DRMAA on SGE is doing for sure, perhaps
> Ancor can be a bit more specific as to the behaviour he is seeing.

1) Open a DRMAA session, submit a job and store the returned jobid

2) Close the sessión

3) Open a new session and call drmaa_job_ps($myJobId)
   The call fails because the job id is not recognized.

I have finally implemented it executing sge commands and parsing the output 
and everything works fine (but I hate this solution, I clearly prefer 

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> Subject: Re: [drmaa-wg] SGE, drmaa_job_ps and DRMAA sessions
> Sorry for the late answer. I'm not a SGE expert, but DRMAA section 3.1.2
> is very clear about this:
> "... Job Id’s SHALL remain valid from one session to another. Job
> control routines SHOULD work
> correctly if a job Id came from a previous DRMAA session, provided the
> current DRMAA session
> knows how to resolve this job Id. The burden is on the user to match
> previous job Id’s with
> appropriate DRMAA sessions (i.e., DRMAA implementations). It is
> restartable applications make job Id’s persistent in order to access the
> already submitted jobs."
> In sum, you need to persist your job id's with an own mechanism. It
> SHOULD be allowed to re-use old job id's in a new session. This approach
> ensures that the DRMAA library is not enforced to do any kind of data
> storage.
> If SGE works as described, than the "SHOULD" keyword from the
> specification is ignored. If this was intentional, then I would be
> interested in the reasons (Andreas ? Dan ?). I really agree to the
> argumentation of Tim, so maybe the "SHOULD" keyword has to be a "SHALL".
> Regards,
> Peter.
> Tim Harsch schrieb:
> >Ancor,
> >    Someone who knows the spec better than I should probably confirm but I
> >believe drmaa_job_ps is indeed only tracking the jobs submitted from
> > within the session.  In my opinion, for drmaa_job_ps, it is indeed how
> > the behaviour should be from a sort of object oriented perspective...
> > however, that doesn't meand there shouldn't perhaps be a sessionless set
> > of API functions designed for manipulating jobs on the grid as a whole. 
> > I don't know if this has been discussed for DRMAA before or not.
> >    I can see how this would be a problem for a set of CGIs, since each
> > are a new process you'll not be able to maintain the drmaa_session
> > accross processes.  I don't know if there is a way around it...
> >    You might have to consider maintaining your job ids in a persistent
> >store of your own and backtick calls to qsub, etc.  Its ugly in that
> > you'll have the process overhead each time, but you'll get more of the
> > SGE
> specific
> >features that way.
> >
> >    Perhaps the group can help tell us if there is a way to set up a
> >persistent DRMAA session?
> >
> >    Wouldn't this problem also be a problem for Globus?  At one of the
> >conferences they were saying that Globus would (in the future) perhaps use
> >DRMAA as the tie in to the DRM, seems like without persistent sessions
> > this might be a bit difficult in practice.
> >
> >HTH,
> >Tim
> >
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> >Subject: [drmaa-wg] SGE, drmaa_job_ps and DRMAA sessions
> >
> >
> >I'm developing a webmin module for submiting jobs and fetching the results
> >in
> >a cluster with Sun Grid Engine 6.0u1. I'm using Scheduler::DRMAAc, the
> > Perl wrapper of the C binding of the DRMAA specification.
> >
> >My problem is that drmaa_job_ps() only works for jobs that have been
> >submited
> >in the current DRMAA session. Is this the expected behavior in any DRMAA
> >implementation or is a feature/bug of SGE 6? I'm not sure, even after
> >reading
> >the DRMAA 1.0 specification paper. If it is the normal behavior of a DRMAA
> >system, I find DRMAA really useless for "unattended" execution.
> >
> >Greetings

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