[drmaa-wg] SGE, drmaa_job_ps and DRMAA sessions

Áncor González Sosa ancorgs at softhome.net
Wed Mar 2 17:34:19 CST 2005

I'm developing a webmin module for submiting jobs and fetching the results in 
a cluster with Sun Grid Engine 6.0u1. I'm using Scheduler::DRMAAc, the Perl 
wrapper of the C binding of the DRMAA specification.

My problem is that drmaa_job_ps() only works for jobs that have been submited 
in the current DRMAA session. Is this the expected behavior in any DRMAA 
implementation or is a feature/bug of SGE 6? I'm not sure, even after reading 
the DRMAA 1.0 specification paper. If it is the normal behavior of a DRMAA 
system, I find DRMAA really useless for "unattended" execution.

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