[drmaa-wg] DRMAA-WG Feb 22, 2005 meeting minutes

Roger Brobst rogerb at cadence.com
Tue Feb 22 15:33:07 CST 2005

   Roger Brobst
   Andreas Haas
   Hrabri Rajic
   Dan Templeton
   Peter Troeger

> Meeting secretary for this meeting?


> Acceptance of the Feb 8, 2005 meeting minutes

    Meeting Minutes from Feb 08 teleconf accepted
    without change request.

> Admin

  - The C-Binding 1.0 spec is intended to be fully compatible
    with the 1.0 DRMAA spec.  All should review and provide

  - All should review and provide feedback on the OO-binding doc

  - Suggestion (Dan) that the Experiences document could contain
    proposed API changes to address issues.

  - Suggestion (Dan) that each binding document should have its
    own Experiences document

  - Identified need to get Area Director guidance regarding a
    revised 1.0 document or pursuing a 1.1 document.

> Open/general issues discussion

  - Brief discussion regarding drmaa_wreason().
    It was proposed as a mechanism to retrieve an explanation
    about why a job was aborted.  If there were a future
    enhancement to get the reason why a job finished with
    a different jobState, would drmaa_wreason be used ...
    or should the jobState be part of the function name
    (e.g., drmaa_wabortreason)

  - Next planned teleconf: Tues March 01, 2005

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