[drmaa-wg] Definition of DRMAA_JOB_IDS_SESSION_ALL

Peter Troeger peter.troeger at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Feb 10 15:07:26 CST 2005

We already had some earlier discussions about the avoidance of 
re-compilation as a goal of DRMAA. I totally agree to your argumentation 
and would therefore like to use the C-binding values also in the 
OO-spec. I opened a tracker item with this issue for a post-1.0 DRMAA spec.


Roger Brobst schrieb:

>As per the Introduction section of the 
>    Distributed Resource Managemeent Application API
>    Specification 1.0
>it is desirable for the end-user to decide upon the
>appropriate DRMAA implementation that DRMAA-enabled
>software provided by an ISV should use.
>Because it is undesirable to need to recompile the
>ISV software for a specific DRMAA implementation,
>constant values which become embedded within
>the drmaa-enabled software should be consistent
>between DRMMA implementations.
>Hence, I believe the specification should indicate
>concrete values for DRMMA_JOB_IDS_SESSION_ANY and _ALL
>The Distributed Resource Managemeent API C Binding-v0.96
>specification does specify concrete values for these on 
>Page 4 (although the values are unfortunately reversed).
>In a previous e-mail, Peter Troeger wrote:
>>I have a consistency question: DRMAA 1.0 defines the concrete 
>>placeholder strings for home directory, working directory and the 
>>parametric index in job template arguments: "$drmaa_hd_ph$", 
>>"$drmaa_wd_ph$" and "$drmaa_incr_ph$". On the other side, the values for 
>>given by the spec, so they are free for the particular implementation. 
>>If this was an intended differentiation, I would like to know the reason.
>>Actually I can not see the reason for the concrete specification of some 
>>of the constant values. I think it would be more useful to let the 
>>library implementer choose all of them. One example is Condor, which has 
>>already has the definition of a constant string that represents the job 
>>index - "$(Process)".
>>Thank you and regards,

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