[drmaa-wg] reason for job abort : Tracker 309

Roger Brobst rogerb at cadence.com
Tue Feb 8 10:57:18 CST 2005

As described in 
it would be useful for drmaa to provide a mechanism
that an application can use to determine why a job
was aborted.

The existing proposal is to add a string output argument 
to drmaa_wait() that provides text information in
case drmaa_wifaborted()==true

My counter-proposal is to introduce a new function
that can be called after drmaa_wifaborted()==true
to obtain the reason the job was aborted.
(Similar to how drmaa_wexitstatus() can be called
 after dramm_wifexited()==true to obtain the
 actual exit status)

int drmaa_wabortreason( 
    char* abort_reason,         /*OUT*/
    size_t abort_reason_len,    /*IN*/
    int stat,                   /*IN*/
    char* error_diagnosis,	/*OUT*/
    size_t error_diag_len       /*IN*/

We should discuss what the function should output 
if the drmaa implementation does not have any 
information about why the job was aborted.


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