[drmaa-wg] Wait Question

Peter Troeger peter.troeger at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Apr 29 05:15:44 CDT 2005

For me DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_JOB seems to be the right answer, 
DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_ARGUMENT is not appropriate here. The 
'DRMAA_JOB_IDS_SESSION_ANY' argument of the call is valid in any case, 
but the empty set of job id's thereby identified is the problem. You 
could think of an error like DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_SESSION, but this may 
be overkill.


Daniel Templeton schrieb:

> What happens when I call drmaa_wait(ANY) and there are no running or 
> completed jobs?  The specs don't address this.  Obviously an error 
> code gets returned.  Which one?  DRMAA_ERRNO_NO_RUSAGE? 
> DRMAA_ERRNO_EXIT_TIMEOUT?  I could make a case for each of them.  It 
> looks like the SGE implementation returns DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_JOB.
> Daniel

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