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Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Wed Apr 27 16:48:06 CDT 2005

Condor is going to release the source of their libdrmaa, so I guess if can
build it as a shared lib if we need to...


>This problem also came up about the time I released Schedule::DRMAAc on
>CPAN.  I wanted to get it to work on Condor but could not due to the
>library thing.  I've been waiting to hear that they've turned it into a
>dynamic library so I could try again.
>I was supposed to reraise the issue with one of the developers after he
>returned from an internship but got sucked into my projects and knew I
>wouldn't find the time to do more on my module.
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>> FYI ...
>> Dan, can you give any additional comment about the DRMS-independent
>> of your implementation ? I would forward it to the Condor mailing list.
>> Regards,
>> Peter.
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>> An: Condor-Users Mail List <condor-users at cs.wisc.edu>
>> It turns out that the condor drmaa interface is a static library. We
>> have an applicatioin
>> that is a java application that we would like to interface to condor
>> through the DRMAA
>> interface. I was thinking to partly implement the Java DRMAA interface
>> using libcondordrmaa
>> but in order to do this I should have a shared library ?
>> Any experience in that field ?
>> Is there some plan to have a shared library at some point ?
>> Yours
>> Guillaume

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