[jsdl-wg] RE: [drmaa-wg] making a custom file path for output

Rajic, Hrabri hrabri.rajic at intel.com
Wed Apr 6 16:11:38 CDT 2005

Tricky.  It would need to be XTSL like preprocessing on both the client
side and on the compute side.   

I wonder if the differences between Grid and Compute Center would
require any specializations.  There is much more legacy stuff that DRMAA
needs to address that GRAM.

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>Ali Anjomshoaa wrote:
>> we discussed this issue at some length at GGF13 and were unsure as to
>> to proceed. We would like to be able to reference labeled attributes,
>> I think we're still discussing how to implement this issue in the xsd
>> schema depending on current tooling!
>> I think, unfortunately, our choice of how we implement this in xsd
>> influence how we specify how to do this in the spec. Clearly this is
>> ideal and should be the other way round!
>> On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Rajic, Hrabri wrote:
>>>Placeholders would be special variables like home directory or job id
>>>sign prefixed below), which DRMAA could substitute in job attributes
>>>like the output path:
>>>drmaa_set_attribute( $jt, DRMAA_OUTPUT_PATH,
>>>         $DRMAA_HOME_DIR/MY_APP/my_job_output.$DRMAA_JOB_ID.out"
>Hmm, I have to say that I don't like arbitrary substitutions in XML
>content, especially in styles like this. (It's one of the bits I do not
>care for about Ant, BTW.) But the way I'd handle such a problem is
>through something like submitting the job through a service that
>an XSLT substitution to the document before producing a doc with
>terms". If you see what I mean.
>In the specific case of wanting to have file arguments given to the
>application made relative to one of our virtual filesystem concepts,
>there is an argument to be made for some improvement of the JSDL spec.
>At the moment, the only mechanisms we have for arguments are "relative
>to the job working directory" or "absolute", neither of which are great
>for this use-case. (The same argument applies to environment variables,
>of course.)
>Does this brain-dump indicate the sort of area where we need to address
>some kind of solution? Or are there other cases which will need more
>refinement before we work out how to fix it all?

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