[drmaa-wg] Tracker items for resubmitted DRMAA document

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 5 12:19:11 CDT 2005

Hi all,

though we had no quorum in today's con-call Hrabri, Roger and I
felt it would be reasonable to speed-up deciding which issues
should be solved with a resubmitted DRMAA language independent

Right now we have four tracker items in "DRMAA" category in state


except with #890 I'm believe it is obvious the proposed changes
need to be covered in the resubmitted spec. But maybe I'm wrong :o

Besides we have a longer list of issues in "DRMAA" category in
state "open" amongst them lots of

   "drmaa_*() error list is incomplete".

I'm curious if those aren't already handled if use the IDL spec as
basis for the resubmitted docuemnt.

Anyways - we should make ourselfs familar with those tracker items.
Then we can hopefully work through the list in an orderly fashion
and agree on each items's destination with the next con-calls.


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