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From:   Joe Futrelle <futrelle at ncsa.uiuc.edu>
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Subject:        instructions on use of the Daffodil demo site

For the WG.

Instructions on use of the demo site

Three things to note about the demo:

1. It is running at a temporary location and may not be up at any given 
2. It demonstrates Daffodil in its current, not-minimally-conforming 
3. If you upload a schema, it may not remain in the demo site because we 
may reset the database.

How to use it:

Go to http://rift.ncsa.uiuc.edu:9999/public/

You should see an interface with a list of test cases under the "schemas" 

Clicking on an entry in the list will show you information about the test 
case including links to the schema and the example input document.

Below there are two controls. The "translate example" link will run 
Daffodil on the example input document. The "use" button lets you upload a 
document to translate.

In either case you will need to authenticate. The username and password 
for the demo site are "dfdlwg" and "dfdlwg".

After a successful translation, you will see two links appear under 
"translation results". The "document" link shows the result document. The 
"provenance" link shows a provenance trace graphic, with clickable links, 
showing the derivation of the result document from the schema and the 
input document (which the demo site identifies with freshly-minted URI's).

The interface is not so helpful if the translation is unsuccessful (which 
it likely will be, for any schema you supply, until I fix numerous issues 
with Daffodil). In most cases you will just see "internal error: Could not 
generate translation". This is unfortunate, as the server logs contain 
pretty detailed error messages, e.g., for a schema definition error, the 
log describes the error and shows where in the schema it was detected. I 
plan to improve the error reporting on the demo site so that these 
messages are shown to the user.

To upload a schema, click the "upload new schema" button. You'll see a 
form with the following fields, described below:

1. Format. This is simply a descriptive name you can give the test case 
and has no other meaning.
2. Schema. Click and select the schema file you want to upload
3. Example. Click and upload an example input file.
4. Example root. Which DFDL element to treat as the root element for the 
example input.
5. GRDDL. Optionally, a GRDDL transform to use to produce RDF (optional)
6. Author. You can type whatever you want here.
7. Description. You can type whatever you want here.

Once uploaded, your test case will appear in the list of test cases, where 
you can select and invoke it. If for some reason it doesn't appear, click 
the "refresh" button.

Joe Futrelle
Cyberenvironments and Technologies
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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