[dfdl-wg] DFDL and binary XML again

mike.beckerle at ascentialsoftware.com mike.beckerle at ascentialsoftware.com
Mon Nov 22 17:38:39 CST 2004


If you just take any XSD, and add a "top level" DFDL annotation including:


And as well you must provide other top-level defaults for date formats, how
nulls are represented by default and so forth. Doing this and then writing
out the data should get you a quite standard binary format for XML
transmission which ought to satisfy much of the needs of the binaryXML

I found discussion of DFDL on public-xml-binary at w3c this week, and this
notion crossed my mind that while binaryXML formats can't solve the DFDL
problem, DFDL *CAN* solve the binaryXML problem.


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