[DAIS-WG] OGSA-DAI 4.1 released

Mike Jackson michaelj at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 08:07:07 CST 2011

Hi there,

The OGSA-DAI project have released version 4.1 of their database
access, integration and processing software.

OGSA-DAI is a customisable framework for the management of distributed
data resources - whether these be databases, files or other types of
data - via web services. OGSA-DAI provides a workflow engine for the
execution of data access, update, transformation, federation,
processing and delivery scenarios. It also provides a powerful
distributed query processor allowing SQL queries to be targeted across
distributed databases.

The main features of OGSA-DAI 4.1 are:

-Ability to convert and transfer relational data in a binary format
  from an OGSA-DAI server to a client via a TupleToByteArrays
  activity. This is a more efficient format than WebRowSet yet avoids
  the information loss issues of comma-separated values. DQP now uses
  this by default.
-The TupleToByteArrays activity allows relational data to be extracted
  as a JDBC ResultSet client-side.
-Support for RDF resources which allows querying of Jena SDB databases
  and SPARQL endpoints using SPARQL.
-Inclusion of a generic SQLStatement activity from OGSA-DAI WS-DAIR
  which allows the running of SQL queries, updates, stored procedures
  and functions.
-Support for modulo function in DQP.
-For OGSA-DAI Axis, use of HTTP Keep Alive by default in the client
  toolkit providing improved efficiency of client-server interactions.
-Numerous bug fixes.

OGSA-DAI is a free, open source, 100% Java product and is released
under the Apache 2.0 licence. Releases can be downloaded from:


The user doc is at


and release notes at


To find out more about OGSA-DAI visit our open source project site at




On behalf of the OGSA-DAI open source development team.

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