[DAIS-WG] OGSA-DAI 3.2 released

Mike Jackson michaelj at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Thu Oct 1 10:29:35 CDT 2009

The OGSA-DAI project, a partner in OMII-UK, have released version 3.2
of their database access and integration software.

OGSA-DAI is an extensible framework for the access and management of
distributed heterogeneous data resources - whether these be databases,
files or other types of data - via web services. OGSA-DAI provides a
workflow engine for the execution of workflows implementing data
access, update, transformation, federation and delivery scenarios.

The main features of OGSA-DAI 3.2 are as follows:

OGSA-DAI 3.2 now includes Distributed Query Processing (DQP).

-DQP allows the tables from multiple distributed relational databases
  to be queried, using SQL, as if there were multiple tables in a
  single database. These databases are exposed via OGSA-DAI servers.
-DQP was originally designed and developed by at the University of
  Manchester and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Previous
  versions of DQP were released as a separate product - OGSA-DQP.
-DQP has now been rewritten and is now simply an extension to
  OGSA-DAI. DQP's functionality is now exposed as OGSA-DAI resources
  and activities and accessed via OGSA-DAI's standard services. This
  greatly simplifies deployment and enables extensibility within a
  single framework.

Non-blocking data sinks that allow data pushed to OGSA-DAI from
a client to be cached until it's ready to be processed.

A new monitoring framework which tracks the data blocks produced and
consumed by each activity in a workflow.

Support for relational database-specific meta-data extractors and
mappers from JDBC column types to OGSA-DAI tuple types.

New security activities for passing client credentials through
workflows and retrieving credentials from a Globus Delegation

More efficient GridFTP activities.

A number of bugs have been fixed, components made more efficient or

Unlike previous versions of OGSA-DAI, OGSA-DAI 3.2 only compiles under
Java 1.5 and not Java 1.4. Apart from this, OGSA-DAI 3.2 is designed
to be backwards compatible with OGSA-DAI 3.1 without the need for
recompilation - data resource, activity and presentation layer APIs
and service WSDLs remain the same.

OGSA-DAI is a free, open source, 100% Java product and is released
under the Apache 2.0 licence. Downloads compatible with Apache Axis
1.4, Globus 4.0.8 and Globus 4.2.0, are available

To download OGSA-DAI 3.2 visit:


OGSA-DAI 3.2's user doc is at


and the release notes at:


To find out more about OGSA-DAI visit our project WWW site at


and our open source project site at


The OGSA-DAI project - which involves both EPCC and NeSC - is funded
by EPSRC through OMII-UK.

For further information about OMII-UK visit http://www.omii.ac.uk.



On behalf of the OGSA-DAI team.

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EPCC                            OGSA-DAI Project
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