[DAIS-WG] DAIS Telcon Minutes

Mario Antonioletti mario at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jan 16 02:30:16 CST 2008

A quick one today.

DAIS Telcon - 16 Jan 08

 	Mario Antonioletti, EPCC
 	Isao Kojima, AIST
 	Said Mirza, AIST


         o Agenda bashing
         o Progress Report
         o OGF Planning
         o AOB


- Progress Report

   Discussion with Miguel over terminology. Once this is agreed
   can submit the glossary and use case document. Need to find
   time to have this discussion. Once the terminology is agreed
   your will put the documents on grid forge for comment before

   Paper has been submitted to the OGF special issue.

- OGF Planning

   Isao booked a DAIS session for OGF22.

   So all is going to plan.


Next call will take place about a week after documents have been
posted on Grid Forge.

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