[Capi-bof] welcome to the mailing list

Thijs Metsch Thijs.Metsch at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 5 09:58:39 CST 2009

Hi @all,

Welcome everybody to the capi-bof at ogf.org mailinglist! We had a great
BoF session on Tuesday with about 100 attendees. All the slides and an
audio recording of the session can be found here:

For now I would like to thank for your contributions and your interest
in this work. Coming soon we will announce a telcon where we can discuss
the charter of this group. I would also like to discuss collaborations
with other groups in that telcon. Many of you might know about the work
going on in the unifiedcloud at googlegroups.com mailing list.

Please feel free to distribute this mailing list address and ask people
to join and help. For now if there are any questions feel free to ask me
or the list.

All the best,


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